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This is my personal web site and was only designed as a hobby.

It's Time for a Political Revolution

My Website Demos: There are over 100 different layouts and all open in a new window or tab in your web browser. They can be used for both small businesses or resumes. UPDATE: These are older designs. I'm currently experimenting with newer designs.

My Blog: I write about the economy, politics, Social Security, corporate outsourcing, labor statistics, the REAL unemployment rate, taxes and tax evasion, government and corporate corruption, and the plight of the long-term unemployed.

My YouTube Videos : A hobby I sometimes dabble in. Some of my videos were created specifically for my blog.

My Previous Website: What you're looking at right now is just an experiment with an HTML5 responsive web template. There's a lot more stuff on my original website.

About Me

My stuff

I am a "Baby Boomer" and the son of parents of the Greatest Generation who met while serving in the U.S. military.

I was born in California and have lived in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Germany, Hawaii, and most recently Las Vegas Nevada where I have lived and worked since 1989. Since the Great Recession, starting in October 2008 I've been "semi-retired" and mostly just research and write these days.

I like reading, blogging, writing poems, playing guitar, computer graphics and designing web sites. Photography and videography are also hobbies of mine. I also watch too much TV.

"Say Goodbye To Poland" is my first novel (Also see:  "Why I Hate Republicans and the Fox News Channel")

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